The First Baptist Church of Watertown is affiliated with American Baptist Churches of the Dakotas. In addition we are a part of the North American Baptist Conference.


First Baptist was organized by nine charter members on May 15th, 1880.

In 1883 the members dedicated the first house of worship on the site of the present church.

In 1916 the church was enlarged and remodeled. In 1955 the church was further remodeled. 

    The Rev. A. S. Orcutt was the first pastor: Rev. Robert E. Davis is the present pastor.

In this year, 1974, the congregation is looking forward to the erection of a new church building.


Taken from commemorative plate that displayed old church building, before moving to present day site we call home today.


We have come a long way since 1880, thanks to the faithful members and serving clergy who worked to continue Jesus’s mission here on Earth by spreading the Gospel to others. Many people have passed through our doors over the years, and we hope everyone received Christ in their lives during their stay with us, before they moved on in life or death. Whatever your background, Jesus is their for you at all times, though we have to recognize Him in order to gain His support. We are nothing without Him. Stay focused upon Him and He will reward you. 


What is your endgame?

Are we living for Christ?